the Future


  • We collate data from various publications and triangulate the collected data using multiple verification points.
  • Our in-house and external experts validate the data of every project, and we validate the data with our existing repository to study the market, garner insights and visualize the entire ecosystem.

Methodologies to Fit Market Segments

  • Although we maintain a philosophy of fitting the methodology to the market segment, all our studies share a core set of methodological elements and approaches.
  • These elements consist of demand-side data, data integrity cross-checks, global data collection and analysis at regional and local levels, verification and updating of segmentation, supplier models, distribution channel models, analysis of external drivers and linkages, and vision of the future.
  • We maintain multiple levels of quality control on 100% of the output to ensure premium quality. Data is drawn from established sources and expert interviews, and is fully referenced.

Core Methodology